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How Wedding Dresses are Designed to Enhance the Beauty of the Bride

Normally, wedding dresses are tradition-oriented. But, with the change in the lifestyle and the trends in fashion even the design of modern wedding dresses has undergone considerable changes.  Now you find wedding dresses have a healthy combination of tradition with modernity. In fact, when you visit any wedding dress store Hornsby market has today, you can find such exclusive design dresses. As you may be aware, innovative fashion designers always introduce dresses that keep pace with the needs of the fast changing fashion world. One such wedding dress recently introduced has elegant Spaghetti strap with open back.

True princess design:

In fact, this is one of the most popular designer dresses which evolve for the next year, namely 2017. This is one of the most popular princess design wedding dresses and this design has gained popularity among the brides. In this Spaghetti strap with open back design, the designer has introduced short sleeves to the traditional close-fitting strapless top. The open back is made to keep in tune with the modern fashion world.

A brief look at the designs:

Similar to the ‘princess dress’ mentioned above, you would find wedding dresses in varieties of designs when you visit your nearest wedding dress store Hornsby based or any of the popular malls. Some of the popular designs are strapless long gowns, sleeveless long gowns, and short sleeve long gowns. You find dresses with backless design, illusion design, short V-neck, long V-neck, round neckline and so on. You also find that fashion designers have introduced dresses in varieties of fabric like satin, crepe, silk and cotton. Highly experienced artisans provide exclusive lace and sequin works on these dresses. All these add to the stunning elegance of the wedding dresses. These dresses are available in varieties of colors like white, ivory, light gold to name a few.

Annual bridal shows:

Apart from any wedding dress store Hornsby has, you also find wedding dresses being displayed in annual fashion shows. In fact, fashion designers introduce their exclusive designs of wedding dresses in popular bridal shows too. Such shows are normally held annually. In fact, these shows are attended by hundreds of brides-to-be and they would be in the aisles with these wonderful looking modern wedding dresses.

Other dresses and accessories:

Normally, the wedding dress store apart from marketing bridal dresses also showcases other dresses like dresses for parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids and also dresses for the groom. Apart from this, the wedding dress stores also showcase accessories like the gloves, scarf, brooches, wedding flowers, umbrella, makeup accessories, hair accessories, shoes and so on.

Emphasis on the bridal dress:

Normally, wedding dresses are of long float design. The elegance of the dress lies in its excellent neckline, hemline, which are usually wide banded and the embellishment on the dress. Understandably, while designing the wedding dress for the bride, the designers emphasize on the femininity and also add fun to the design.

Visit popular stores:

If you are planning to buy the wedding dress, you may visit any of the popular stores like the Emerald Bridal. Such stores will have a wide range of dresses. Further, these stores always showcase dresses of superior quality and offer a reasonable amount of discount on the purchases.

Why a Mobile Bar is a Must for Your Wedding

Wedding planning can easily overwhelm you with so many things to consider into the planning process. If you are planning to have a casual or semi-formal wedding theme, one of the most important things you could serve your guests are drinks. Your guests would want to enjoy the festivities at your wedding with a drink in hand. Hence, you should serve up drinks to keep the party going after the official wedding reception has ended. In this case, you might want to consider getting a mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney can offer.

Is it really important to get a mobile cocktail bar hire in Sydney? If you are asking if this is worth spending extra money for (especially considering the cost of planning a wedding), here are some good reasons that will convince you to:

• Food and drink are important parts of the celebration. When preparing for a wedding, the food is one aspect that a lot of couples are fixated on. But you should not overlook the beverages menu, as well. These two should always go hand in hand if you want to make the celebration even more fun, especially for your guests. Do not spoil the party by focusing solely on the food and completely neglecting the drinks menu. When you get a Sydney mobile cocktail bar hire, you no longer have to worry about that as they will handle all the drinks for you and your guests! Check out at Wats On Tap

• A mobile bar can work into any wedding theme or venue. Hiring a cheap mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney has to offer can be easily worked into your wedding reception venue. Whether you are having a formal wedding, or a more casual beach or outdoor wedding, the bar can be a focal point of your party. Hence, you need not worry about the bar hire blending in with the theme because it will be easily incorporated.

• You have professional bartenders to entertain your guests! This is one of the most exciting parts about getting a mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney has to serve drinks in your wedding reception. The bartenders are all professionals who not only mix drinks for your guests but also entertain them with bartending skills. Getting your own bar in the party will truly be an unforgettable experience!

• By hiring a mobile cocktail bar for your wedding reception, you can also ease a huge load off of your buffet caterer. While most caterers include drinks in their catering package for weddings, the drinks are limited to juices, sodas and the like. Alcoholic drinks and cocktails are not part of the package. You can therefore hire a mobile bar to exclusively focus on preparing cocktails while your caterer focus on making sure that your guests enjoy excellent food!

The best mobile cocktail bar hire Sydney has today can make your wedding celebration even more special. With free-flowing drinks and a variety of cocktails to choose from, you can party on with your guests and celebrate your big day with a blast! Please see details at

Building a Proper Timeline for Wedding Planning

When it comes to wedding planning, time is both your friend and enemy. A lot of engaged couples tend to focus too much on the specific details of the wedding that they lose sight of the most important aspect of wedding planning: time. Even when you have a full team of professionals and a Sydney wedding planner, you have to be realistic when it comes to the time you have available.

Scheduling your prep time is one of the best things you can do to organize a stress-free wedding. Make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare everything. Even though you are working with a professional Sydney wedding planner, you still won’t be able to achieve the dream wedding you had in mind if you do not give them enough time to do their work.

Below is a complete guide to wedding preparation timeline. Ideally, experts think that 12 months should give you enough time to plan everything out and ensure that everything goes as planned.

12 Months Before the Wedding

This is where the rest of your wedding preparation will hinge on, so you have to make good use of this time. Begin by searching for a planning team. You should definitely hire a wedding planner or consultant.

You should also pick out your wedding date at this point. The season with which your wedding will fall on could determine several factors such as your wedding theme and motif, venue, time of day the wedding is held, and if your guests could make it. You should take all of those into consideration. An expert wedding consultant can provide you with more insight when it comes to sorting out these details.

9 Months Before the Wedding

For brides, you should definitely start shopping around for a dress. You can also decide whether you want to purchase pre-made dresses or have one customized. For customized wedding gowns, this 9-month period should give you enough time to have one done.

Other aspects of the preparation to focus on during this time period are the photographers, videographers, florist, and decorator.

6 Months Before the Wedding

You need to start working on the legal documents that are prerequisite to getting married. Some of these paperworks will require you to wait for a specific period of time before they can be released, such as your marriage license. Make sure you work on it in advance to avoid hassle or unnecessary delays.

At 6 months before your wedding, make sure your wedding venue is booked as well.

3 Months Before the Wedding

With only 3 months left before your wedding, make sure you have completed your pre-wedding counseling. This is a requirement when getting a marriage license so it is important that you attend the seminar. Also, you need to finalize details about your wedding cake, dresses for the bridesmaid and entourage, and your wedding rings should have been completed or purchased.

1 Month Before the Wedding

With only a month left, make sure you have your marriage license already. Then, you should have undergone final fitting for your wedding gown and the whole entourage. Meanwhile, make sure your wedding invitations had been sent out.

Most couples like to be hands-on when it comes to their wedding preparation. If you are one of them, it is completely fine – in fact, it is highly encouraged. But don’t dare to take on the task on your own! It is more complex than it might seem. Work with a Sydney wedding planner like Pink Caviar Events to ensure that every detail of your wedding is professionally done. With their expert touch, you can achieve your dream wedding. To find out how Pink Caviar transforms visions to reality, just check out their website at

Choosing the Prefect Theme for Your Upcoming Party

In my opinion, as a company specializing in party hire in Northern Beaches, every party should have a theme. A theme makes your party unique and gives it distinction from others in the neighborhood. In addition to that, a theme sets the mood of the event. It creates a feeling that runs throughout the party making the guests motivated to participate and remain active. Even if the party is not upscale, a theme makes it look classy.

A party theme can be regarded as the focal point of all the other party aspect. For instance, choosing the right decorative items can be a little bit difficult but it becomes a lot easier with a theme in place. This is the same case with other aspects such as party accessories, color and venue.

After deciding that you want a theme party, what’s next? You need to choose the theme. Of course picking the theme is the first thing you do when planning for the event. It is the theme that will guide you in selecting the venue, entertainment, decoration, food and drinks. The hardest part is in choosing the right theme. Partnering with a company that does party hire in Northern Beaches can be a plus for you. Other than supplying the party equipment for you, they can offer free advice on theme selection. The following tips will also help you make the right choice.

Think About the Occasion

The theme needs to be in line with the occasion. Is it a corporate party, a birthday party, an anniversary or a graduation? The theme has to reflect the specific thing that you are celebrating. Cheeky and controversial themes, for instance, will not be appropriate for a corporate even where the key objective is networking. So, choose a theme that naturally fits the occasion.

Personalize It

If you are holding a private party like a wedding, an engagement or a birthday party, it is best to pick a subject that is personal to you. You may incorporate details that tell your guests what you love or are passionate about. If you like traveling, you can name the tables with the cities you have traveled around the world. If you are a book reader, have the names of your favorite books.

Consider the Current Trend and the Season

One of the great ways to create a theme is looking at what is popular at the time you are planning the event. It could be a fashion design that is straight off the catwalk or a film that is making the headlines. Selecting an on trend theme will not only make the party look current and up-to-date, but also inject a little excitement into the event.

Which time of the year are you holding the party? Is it during summer or winter? Or is it during Halloween, Easter or Christmas? You can link your theme with the season and make a fabulous party. An icy winter wonderland theme is an excellent choice for the winter season.

Creativity is key when choosing a party theme. But don’t forget that the bottom line is to have fun. Party Hire Group is a company that specializes in party hire in Northern Beaches and is equipped with everything you need to deliver your party theme.

Stress-Free Party Planning For You

Are you planning to have a party? Well, sometimes planning a party can be hectic and tiresome if you have a busy schedule. A party is an important event in a lifetime and requires a good planner. If you are that busy person, you need to get a professional party planner. A professional party planner knows all the flaws that comes with party planning and may also have all the equipments that you require for your party to be a success. This leaves you stress free and relieves you the all the burden. If you live in Australia, for instance, you can get planning services from professionals of party hire in Melbourne. There are quite a number of companies offering similar services and sometimes settling for one that meets all your needs can be quite hectic. Here are some of important tips to consider while choosing the best company:


Companies with longer experience often give the best results. Such companies are best aware of all the flaws and strengths of planning a party. Find information regarding their experience on websites and journals.

Internet research

In this generation, most of us generate our answers and solutions from the internet. At the comfort of your office desk, you can research the different companies offering party hire services around you. You can get hundreds if not thousands of results and, this gives you a wide range to choose from. You are also able to compare the prices.

Seek referrals

Family, friends and colleagues can be a good source of information. They can give accurate information based on their experience since they have no vested marketing interests. Actually, most people in Australia who wants to have party hire in Melbourne seek referrals.

Pricing and payment terms

Settle for a company that has friendly payment terms and even discounts to first time and return customers. Browse to compare prices of different companies and choose the company which suits your needs. Before paying, make sure you have read all the terms and conditions and there is written document to avoid hidden charges. Ensure also that all terms for example overtime and transport have been written down avoid inconveniences or extra charges.

Other services

Most companies have additional services as discounts for their customers. These services include power backups, providing cutlery and music equipment. They also help you choose the best theme for your event. Some companies can offer to help you serve food to your guests.

Ensure that you give all the details of the party including the venue, the theme you want, kind of guests and number and the preference of food. Make sure that you cater all the needs of your guests so that they will be comfortable. For instance, you can ask them if they have any allergies to any kind of food or restrictions from the doctor.

In conclusion, be ready and prepared for the party. Consider all the tips we have discussed above to get the most memorable and enjoyable event. Ensure that you also remember to include your guests in your planning. For more information on party hire in Melbourne.

Areas where Wristbands are Instrumental

The popularity of wristbands across the globe has slowly but surely been gaining traction amongst many businesses as well as individuals as a marketing tool. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, Australians bought 500 times more wristbands on eBay, Australia in December 2014 than January of the same year. The reasons for this are myriad as wristbands provide a platform to communicate boldly and proudly on the things that a company stands for. Even more, the fact that they are customizable allows businesses to input all their promotional messages to increase popularity of their brand. These items are not only popular in the corporate world but other brands as well. This article takes a look at some of the other areas that wristbands Australia wide are instrumental.

wristbands australia


 The segmented design in wristbands allows up to three different colors in the same bracelet. It’s for this reason that many companies are taking the opportunity to incorporate the colors of teams that many sport enthusiasts are crazy for knowing that they will definitely purchase. Additionally, silicone wristbands karate and other sports wristbands are a good way of communicating promotional messages for a sports event and serve to create a bond and solidarity among team supporters.

Awareness campaigns

If you have an event on awareness, there is no better way to get an audience other than using silicone wristbands Australia shops sell. You can have the issues you want awareness on imprinted on the wristbands Australia shops sell as these will act as a constant reminder to the person wearing it for it will always be on their wrists. Additionally, wristbands are long-lasting pieces and therefore, the chances are low of wearing out, thus it’s not easy to get rid of them.

Charity fundraising

Wristbands Australia shops sell have proven over time that they are the best charity fundraising ideas when trying to solicit funds for a charitable cause or creating awareness on a charitable cause. The reason for this is using a wristband is not only exciting but also quite enticing especially when they have amazing colors and designs and can be used as a fashion accessory.  Additionally, it is a cool, relaxed way of asking for funds like from people who would not want to participate. Wristbands too avail memories of the event a person contributed to as a souvenir.


If someone’s birthday is coming up that you care about, how about considering a customized wristband? Wristbands today come in an assortment of colors, and the fact that a wristband manufacturer will help you mix and match the favorite colors of the person you are thinking about together with the perfect message inscribed on it makes them the perfect gift. They will most definitely cherish it owing that they will carry the message around always, thus be reminded of how you feel about them.

There are so many places that you can apply use of wristband all over the globe, including sports events, advertising, awareness campaigns, and charity events among others.

A Look at Features That Determine a Successful Company

Whether it’s for a wedding venue Brisbane market offers, corporate event or any other function, venues come in a variety of flavors in Brisbane, and the most important thing is ensuring that you choose the right venue for your event. This is because it is clear that the right Venue plays a great role in determining the success of an event. One study conducted recently affirms this with 7000 respondents revealing that location is the biggest factor for determining the success of an event with 82% of respondents affirming it. It’s therefore, necessary that before you send out those invitations, thoroughly research the best venue available in Brisbane for you. This article takes a look at some of the best features of a successful venue for events.


You need to think carefully where your guests are coming from when choosing a venue as well as how they are going to locate the venue. This is because you don’t want to inconvenience anybody that will be attending the event. It’s very important, therefore, that the wedding venue Brisbane offers has proximity to transportation links such that guest can access major motorways and rail links as well.


The ambience of a wedding venue Brisbane has should always complement the event. This is because it will contribute to the impression that you are trying to convey to the attendees. For example, a function room hire Brisbane offers that has an excessive decadent décor may sometimes put off some guests or even overwhelm them. Going with a venue that will convey elegance and simplicity would be a much safer choice and will appeal to many people. Also, ensure that there is someone showing guests around as having guests looking all confused is not a good thing to have. To get a great atmosphere, it’s a good idea to visit the venue in advance before the event to get the feel of the place so that you can determine the experience guests will get. See more at Light Space


The size of the space you are hiring really cannot be overemphasized.  Rooms for functions range in size from small office spaces to huge halls that can accommodate up to hundreds of people. When you pick a venue too small or choose to Co-share working spaces Brisbane organizers offer, you will be responsible for the discomfort that guests will feel, which may turn them off from future events you organize. Also, hiring too large a room for few guests may actually give the impression your event was a flop when in the actual sense it was not.

At the end of the day, it zeros down to what is your budget. It makes no sense to involve with a venue that you know well enough but is not in your range in terms of affordability or blowing your budget and then compromising on other very important aspects as well for your event. Therefore, find the right venue and within budget even if it means to share Coworking space Brisbane offers for a successful event. For more details, just visit HTTP://LIGHTSPACE.NET.AU/WEDDINGS/.

Weddings worth Remembering With Vintage Marquee Hire in Perth

When celebrating events it’s worth it to spend towards making it unique so that it can easily give you nostalgia when you remember it. Weddings are such events that need to be invested in. It’s a lot of work for the couple and their families to plan. Professional vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth services can make work easy and worry-free. With a high class personalized touch to your idea, you will have a happy lasting effect in guests’ memories.


With the vintage-themed wedding marquees, you have everything you need to turn your weddings into whatever you want. But it is important to go for professionalism in trusted hire service providers that have been in the industry for quite some time. Service portfolios are typically very diverse. Marquee hire companies will offer you ideas ranging from the marquee inspirations to props and furniture.

This can be uniquely customized to your most individual needs. Even the customers with most exacting of tastes can always find ideas and inspirations that will appeal to their tastes and preferences. They make the weddings really unique, picture-perfect and surreal.

And why not? It is the happiest day of your life and you’ve got to splurge on something truly distinctive. Do not just go for the ordinary wedding. Make your wedding your wedding. Impose your sense of style and taste to create something truly extraordinary with the vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth.

With quality marquee hire, you will love the look and service offered just at a glance. For a party to be successful, the event needs to follow the dynamics of a good event. This will include research, planning and implementation of the planned tasks. Perth vintage wedding Marquee and party hire will be with you through all the steps and at a very affordable fee ranging from $450 for 50 guests you will get a memorable event.


When planning a wedding, the theme is important when you want to consider what accessories you will use or the kind of dressing you will choose. A vintage-style wedding is such a theme that is always a good idea and always stands the test of time. After doing your research, you need to consider the aspects of antique in all that you want to plan for.

Some of the ideas that you need to brainstorm include the venue. It has to be a venue that will take your guests back in time. Such an idea would be to choose a railway station that has the 1st generation trains. Decoration is also another aspect. It may include a few aspects of modern decoration but if it’s purely vintage then the decoration has to be purely archaic.


Colors also bring out such an aspect of vintage. The colors that will be favorable for such a theme are normally yellowish and brown. Keep away from the normal white. Such colors will be good when it comes to stationery cards, stickers, wine labels, tags, table numbers and favor boxes.


Look for a way of adding the vintage in the cuisine. If you choose the vintage wedding theme, then you should choose such dishes with the same inspirations.


To crown it, all music is the best way to keep a crowd in the mood. Music that is played should be such that it will remind people of time a few ages ago. There can be a fusion of late mixes but mostly get the classic music.

At the entrance, the vintage style wedding marquee and party hire in Perth will crown it all by making a statement! Light bulbs usually yellow or white that flash is a good idea. If you are in Perth welcome for a memorable event. Read more at

Raise Awareness Using Silicone Wristbands

One of the main gains of silicone bracelets is that they bring awareness immediately to a cause or organization whose information they carry. Wristbands serve two primary functions. They first promote these interests because the wearer keeps showing their support in public continually for the cause concerned. Second, they can be offered for sale at a minimal price, with the proceeds made to help in funding the cause. Silicone wristbands may be bought by an entity at bulk wholesale prices, before being customized to its specifications. They provide a cost-effective way of promoting a designated mission. Diverse causes can be identified using wristbands. For someone interested in promoting an unknown cause, distributing personalised silicone wristbands can fulfill this objective in a convenient and fashionable way.

Designing Silicone Bracelets for Awareness

The designers of awareness wristbands Australia has ensure paying close attention to their color, wording utilized for expressing the cause’s mission statement along with symbols or logos added. Symbols oftentimes become synonymous with various causes for instance. The pink ribbon has lately been associated with breast cancer, whereas red is the HIV/Aids symbol. However, many other causes are represented by other colors. You might discover your cause is associated already with a particular symbol or color if at the planning stage for a wristband-design. This is essential for customizing and planning how awareness bracelets look. One can also utilize information gathered from research for creating distinct awareness bracelets of an appropriate color and theme. One can then select a logo or symbol for adding onto bracelet after choosing a suitable color for the wristband. Read more at Wristband Monkey

Adding Symbols and Logos

Not all awareness bands carry logos or symbols, but many do. It is easy to imprint silicone bracelets and one can add customized logos or symbols for completing a given design. Consider adding the symbol or logo for your organization to the silicone wristbands Australia designers provide if already having one. This should help to improve awareness towards your specific cause along with your organization. Incorporating symbols into wordings has become quite a popular technique to utilize with bracelets for awareness campaigns. It is rather easy to have the personalised silicone wristbands imprinted through embossing or debossing techniques lettering. One might wish to have discussions with the company about its ability to imprint a given symbol into lettering. A letter can be converted into the symbol or the symbol can itself be imposed over a letter. Taking the time to select letters and symbols can ensure the awareness silicone wristbands are capable of making visual impact upon the wearers together with those who come across them.

You can select wristband-color relative to nature of the designated cause. It is vital to also assess how the colors chosen blend in with the lettering done on the wristbands Brisbane shops offer too. A lot of awareness wristbands employ a single color, which helps in promoting the cause without losing the meaning and symbolism of its color. Utilizing personalised silicone wristbands can raise awareness for a given cause and promote the organization. For more details please visit this site

Why Tiffany Chairs are Best for Special Occasions

When it comes to decorating a venue for weddings or special occasions, even the small details count. Therefore, event planners and decorators spend a great deal of time to touch-up small details as they contribute to styling the venue. One of the aspects of event preparation that is often put into the back burner is the type of chairs to rent. For maximum styling and glamorous effect, choose a Gold Tiffancy Chair Hire to wow your guests. The attractive tiffany chair is on top of your list of options for chairs to hire for a special event. The reason is obvious – there is a vintage and timeless feel to tiffany chairs that elevate your décor. Tiffany chairs are no doubt classy and can suit any theme you want for the event. Aside from looking elegant and stylish, they are also sought after by event planners because of the fact that they are affordable. You can therefore take advantage of Gold Tiffancy Chair Hire for your event, whether you are hosting a party for a group of 50 or will have a massive ball attended by 500 guests.  Tiffany chairs are also made from sturdy materials designed for special occasions. It may look delicate and classic from the outside but each chair is built for performance. In fact, they are designed that way to accommodate private and commercial clients in need of chairs for hire. When it comes to choosing tiffany chairs for your special event or occasion, you can also select from various color options. This will give you the opportunity to create the style you want according to the event theme.Gold Tiffancy Chair Hire is the most common and in demand option available. The color exudes a timeless and festive detail to your party. The richness of the gold color coupled with a copper finish looks crisp against any décor. It can also blend well with your decorative details of the venue, regardless of the theme and motif. Another classic option for tiffany chair is silver. This color features a crisp metallic finish that infuses a modern detail to your table and chair arrangements at the venue. There is the right depth in color to capture the attention without stealing it from the more important details of the event décor. And finally, you can opt for a white tiffany chair to rent for your event. This color is often picked for weddings. The white tiffany chairs will look great in a ballroom or banquet hall. White is also the preferred choice for most event planners as it makes the color of all other décor accents stand out. Aside from tiffany chairs, there are several other options for chairs for hire available for special occasions. One example is the chameleon chair. It is called chameleon due to its ability to blend in with the décor by changing the style and color of the padding used on the chair. Furthermore, you can add a few more furnishing details to suit your wedding theme. Other types of chairs to consider are folding chairs and the Versailles chair.

Elevate Your Party With A Marquee

You and your friends are out on the Gold Coast beach surfing and enjoying the beach. All of you want to extend the fun by having a party at night. However, the weather report says that it might rain in the evening. What would you do? Well, the best thing to do would be finding a good marquee hire in Gold Coast. Not only that your shade problems are solved, you might also get lighting, catering and drinks from them. They might even do staging, carpeting, heck, even unicorn rentals! Who knows right? Kidding aside, here are things you should know about planning a marquee event.

What is a marquee?

A marquee is just basically a fancy name for a huge tent. It is usually characterized by openings at the side and large windows. It can also be closed with an entrance and an exit. It is usually used in outdoor events such as weddings, parties, sports events and even outdoor corporate functions. It is very versatile and is surprisingly very portable. If the space allows, you can have a party anywhere! If you still don’t know what it looks like, remember Bill’s wedding from Harry Potter? Yeah, the huge tent that they used is a marquee.

What are the advantages?

One of the biggest advantages that a marquee party can give you is the ability to fully customize your event. Aside from choosing your own location, you also get to decide the theme and the colors to match it. You can even put it on a spot where a magnificent view will elevate your event to a whole new level. Unlike traditional event venues that are already designed, you get to design the marquee of your choice for it to match the event. Since it is fully customizable, a good marquee hire in Gold Coast should be able to allow less restriction on the number of your guests. Another advantage is you get to choose your own caterer. Having the ability to choose your caterer means that you get to choose precisely what you want to eat!  From rustic food choices such as home grilled steaks, chicken pot pies, pizza to gourmet fine dining, you can choose whatever you want. There is such a diverse range of caterers that will allow you to do that, if you are even luckier, the marquee hire in Gold Coast of your choice might even do it for you! In addition to all of these, it allows you to be the free spirit that you are. Traditional parties can be boring sometimes, deviating from it will never hurt you. It can even make the party more fun! And lastly, you get more time to party. Unlike traditional parties, marquee events can last overnight!

Doing an outdoor party is always fun. What makes a marquee party better is the comfort, style, and finesse that the conventional rugged outdoor party lacks. This way, you are having a wild and fun night in a posh and stylish way. With that all being said, party hard!

Some important but uncommon tips to select a wedding photographer

When it is the most special event of your life, you would certainly want to keep it captured in frames. Hence, when it is your wedding time, you would be certainly be looking for the best Iceland wedding photographer who would make these special moments even more special by capturing them behind the lens. The only challenge that you would face is to determine which photographer to select who would take the best photos on your wedding. Here are some tips that will help you to a great extent.


Check the style and previous works of the photographer

You need to check the style of the photographs that any Iceland wedding photographer is expert in. Whether it is a documentary type or portraiture, or it would be a fusion of both, it is something that you should be checking with your photographer. Documentary style of wedding photography basically tells the entire story of the wedding day as seen by the lens. Portraiture, on the other hand, would focus more on the bride and the groom and would be capturing the flow of different emotions on their faces throughout the event.

While you check various options to choose the best Kopavogur Iceland wedding photographer, you should make it a point that you check full albums of the work of the photographer. Remember, the highlights section of the website of the photographer would always show some of the best clicks, but a full album would reveal the true class of the photographer.

Things that you need to tell your photographer beforehand

Every wedding is characterized by flow of emotions on the faces of the groom, the bride as well as the relatives and the guests. Hence, your Mosfellsbaer Iceland wedding photographer should have an eye to capture these different emotions. You need to critically see the precious projects of the photographer to understand this. It is true that you and your spouse are the primary subjects on the day of the wedding, but that does not mean that the emotions of the guests would be completely ignored by the person with the camera. See Nicola Harger Photography.

The Iceland wedding photographer who would be clicking snaps on your wedding should do proper homework on the venue and the event details. He should be aware of the various lighting options that he would get at the venue, and he should carry the required lights with him accordingly.

Discuss about the rights

You may want to spend some time discussing on the rights of the photos. A professional Njardvik Iceland wedding photographer would want to own the rights of the wedding photographs (even the ones where you or your partner are there) for their promotional activities such as posting those photos on blogs, their websites, etc. If your photographer has any such clause, you would not be able to take printouts of the photos and frame them or set them in an album. You should check it before hand only and set your expectations straight with the photographer.

Finding the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is always a challenge for all women. This is going to be the most important shopping experience you could ever undertake. But when you are shopping for beach wedding dresses, the difficulty of the task is doubled. You must also consider the theme of a beach wedding and the physical conditions when it comes to finding a dress that would suit the occasion. You must consider style, but you cannot forego practicality out of the door either.

Beach Wedding Dresses

Choose Fabric Wisely

A beach wedding might seem romantic but you will soon realize that’s not the case when you hold your ceremony somewhere hot and humid. You want to choose a wedding date in the spring or summer to minimize the possibility of rain which is often the biggest concern with outdoor weddings like a beach wedding. Unfortunately, that also carries its own set of cons such as suffering from a high level of humidity.

When shopping for beach wedding dresses, you need to be extra smart about the type of fabric you choose. Ideally, you’ll want to wear a dress made from breathable fabric. This will keep you fresh and cool even when the weather is hot or being beat down by sunshine on your wedding day. A sweaty bride never looked good on photos!

Choose a Casual Style

Aside from the fabric, you might want to re-think about the style of your dress. Casual style wedding dresses are best for beach weddings due to the theme and the ambiance. It might seem out of place when you choose a dress with a full bodice and skirt. In fact, a lot of women who choose beach weddings go barefoot when they walk down the aisle.

Even when you are shopping for a casual dress to wear to your wedding, it does not mean that you should compromise style. Choose a dress with a flowy fit or slim silhouette. This will create a very feminine look that is also subtly sexy.

Strappy Style

The best styles available for beach wedding dresses are those with spaghetti straps. Indeed, this is the perfect style to match your beach look! It is also a practical choice due to the hot weather as the spaghetti straps provide the breathability you need. You can opt for a spaghetti strap dress with a low cut back for that sexy elegance.

Expect the Breeze

One of the biggest challenges you will have to deal with in a beach wedding is the weather element. It is highly unpredictable and often temperamental. Therefore, you need to take every worst case scenario into account as far as the weather is concerned. One example is the strong gust of sea breeze. Even when you are buying a dress that is made of breathable fabric, make sure it has enough weight to stay put. You would not want to be subjected to the embarrassment of having your wedding guests see your dress blow up! You should also be smart about using accessories (or might as well skip them altogether) so they won’t get snagged in your hair or dress as the wind blows them.