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Tonka Toys – The perfect present for a toddler

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The Flagg township museum has decided to open something that is fun. On September 18th, they will officially be opening a brand-new display of Toys from Illinois at a reception which starts at 2 pm in the museum. The Museum board members and volunteers have put together the display in which they highlighted the toy industry which was once thriving and that had provided a huge lot of fun, happiness and entertainment among kids of all ages. Tonka toys, tinker toys, model kits, wagon, scooters are few of the toys that will be put up on display as these were once thriving in Illinois.


Tonka is no doubt a popular toy brand in America and the rest of the world, which produces interesting and life-like miniature toys of trucks and heavy vehicles. Tonka produced a variety of toys, including dolls, robots, steel monsters, etc., but the truck toys had the most positive reactions from public.  They create toys that are almost unbreakable and hence perfect for kids. Also they are so realistic, every child is bound to be intrigued by these toys they produce.

·        The tonka tiny blind box –  This box consists of 22 pieces of tonka toys such as extremely cute miniature trucks. The tiny trucks are small enough to be put inside the pocket. These 22 different toy pieces are actually miniature replicas of real-life trucks, and the fun part is that each of these little trucks has its own garage for stacking and storing.

·        Tough tonka bulldozers – this amazing bulldozer is actually the replica of a real one. The little truck is capable of moving dirt, sand and gravel with its little workable blade. This bulldozer is of fantastic quality and is guaranteed to last a life time. In case you do not find the toys in the store, you can buy tonka toys online too.

·        Another awesome collection of the tonka toys can be this supercool steel classic crane; the beauty of these toys is that they look so very realistic. This model comes with a cute little crane operator too and having this model if definitely going to make the other peers jealous. The features of this model include a working arm that can pivot, extend and fold and tyres that are deep-cleated. Like all the other models, this one too has a lifetime guarantee. Check out Mrtoys

·        Tonka truck toddler bed – if your little child would love to have his very own bulldozer, then this is the perfect gift. This truck toddler bed also has storage shelves, which are a huge win. However, the bedding and the mattress are not included in the package.

The online tonka toy collection is huge and while surfing, some might definitely find antique tonka toys that can be added to the collection. Other interesting models available online include the mini wobble police car with a built siren, a cute cement mixture, mini wobble wheels fire truck, tonka die cast with motorcycles, garbage truck, etc. There is a huge collection of many other different models.

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Experience the Benefits of Getting a Firm Massage

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Getting a massage is a relaxing and reinvigorating experience for the body. It stimulates the muscles and the nerves to improve circulation as well as provide relief for your tired muscles. There are also certain mental benefits associated with a massage, which is why it is not surprising why services for a firm massage Melbourne or any other top cities in the world offering this are highly coveted. It is the best form of relaxation especially after an exhausting day at work or school.


However, a firm massage is not the same as your idea of how a relaxing massage should be wherein there are candles and scented oils. The term “firm” should give you an idea of what to expect. The massage targets the deeper tissues in the body to release tension or knots in the veins, which can lead to chronic pain in the shoulder, neck, or lower back.

In addition to eliminating knots in the veins or tension in the muscles, a firm massage Melbourne masseuse can also get rid of scar tissues that are acquired from injuries. According to medical experts, scar tissues form whenever the stressed muscles block nutrients from reaching that part of the muscle. Massaging the area will release the toxins from the muscles and aid in the restoration by re-introducing oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Expert massage therapists also encourage proper hydration before and after a massage session to maximise the benefits that your body can get.

The strokes used in a firm body massage is somewhat similar to other types of massage techniques. However, massage treatment Oakleigh services will tend to add more pressure into every stroke in a firm massage session. The masseuse will also utilise other tools such as a wooden massage tool, their elbows, and forearms when performing the massage. To complement the stronger pressure on each stroke, the speed is slowed down to make sure that your tissues get to experience every stroke to its fullest.

How Safe is a Firm Body Massage?

It is absolutely safe. There are no risks associated with getting a firm massage treatment on top of the benefits that were listed above. The only possible negative effect that you can get after a massage session is potentially feeling sore in your muscles. This is the same feeling you get after an intense workout. However, you can expect the soreness to go away after a day, which is also the same time wherein you get to enjoy the full benefits of the massage therapy. If you are prone to bruising, it is recommended that you inform your therapist ahead of time so he or she can make adjustments to the intensity of the pressure for the massage.

It is clear that there are plenty of benefits associated with a firm body message. However, only a reliable firm massage Melbourne therapist can guarantee that you will be able to experience these benefits. Try out Koh Feel, which offers a wide range of massage services from well trained therapists to suit your needs. Aside from firm body massage, they also have aromatherapy, Thai foot reflexology, traditional Thai massage and remedial deep tissue massage. Visit their website at if you want to know more about their services. Koh Feel is located in Oakleigh, Victoria in Australia.

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Planning a Unique Hen’s Night Experience

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Every bride-to-be deserves a hen’s night that is truly memorable. Most of the time, it is the responsibility of the maid-of-honor to make sure that her friend – the bride-to-be – gets a chance to party and have a good time before settling down and marrying the love of her life. So, what’s a maid-of-honor got to do then? There are many ways to spend a memorable night together with friends. Below are a few suggestions based on successful hens nights Brisbane, so you can have something to look forward to.


Two Extremes

For one, you have to decide whether you want to fill the bride-to-be’s night with things she loves or go with your adventurous side and do something that she will never ever think of doing in her life. Most brides choose their best friends as maid-of-honors and chances are, you may know your friend more than she knows herself.

For example, if your friend loves relaxing and going to spas – you may want to book an exclusive day at the spa for the bride and her special friends. Splurge on everything you can think of and pamper yourselves to the fullest before she settles down for the married life.

You can also do a complete 180 and do something outside her comfort zone like spending a hens night outdoors or going on adventure trips. You may think that Mother Nature is not a proper hens night venue Brisbane, but you’ll be surprised to know that some even went backpacking as a form of extended hen’s night.

Treading the Boundaries

While you may want to do something risqué during the bachelorette party, you should know your limits. Compared to stag parties, a hen’s night is a wholesome event. After all, you don’t want to do something that the bride will regret – do you? With that said, it’s never too wrong to know where your boundaries lie.

Go to a live show, attend a street dance in true Mardi Gras style, and basically do things that the groom-to-be might raise his eyebrows at. Don’t worry, the men won’t complain too much. It’s not like you gals mind what they do during a stag night, right?

Seeking Professional Help

A slumber party and makeover session may seem like a safe choice, but it’s good to be adventurous when it comes to a hens nights Brisbane. This is something that normally only comes once in a young woman’s life, so splurge and explore. If you are having a hard time planning things out and you don’t want to disappoint your best friend, ask a professional for help.

There are people out there who are experts when planning events. They would ask you questions about your friend and offer hens night party Brisbane ideas. The final decision is still up to you. This doesn’t have to be your sole responsibility either. Get the bridesmaids involved with the preparations and planning as well.

Go ahead, don’t be afraid to go all-out on this once-in-a-lifetime event for your dearest friend. Successful hens nights Brisbane is something that soon-to-be-brides will always remember, even after they’re married. No doubt, they will be forever grateful for your friendship and the effort you have put into making her hen’s night special.

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Tips on How to Find a Quality Pool Table

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Owning a pool table gives you the opportunity to polish your skills from the comfort of your house. It is also an exceptional way to bring your family or friends closer together because it is an activity they can all enjoy. The process of purchasing one should not be too difficult especially if you know where to begin. The pool tables for sale Brisbane market has today vary so you need to know how to buy a high-quality product that will last long.

Pool tables for sale brisbane

Factors to Consider

  • The Size of the Room – You need to consider the size of the area available before buying a pool table. The room ought to be spacious enough to enable you to play with ease. Additionally, you may need space to place chairs or a bar to entertain your guests.
  • Mode of Operation of the Pool Table – When purchasing a table you ought to choose between coin-operated and free play tables.  The tables that need coins to operate come in a variety of sizes and are an excellent source of income for entertainment areas. Free-play tables are appropriate for a home.
  • The Table’s Material – The different pool tables for sale Brisbane has today come in various material types. The deluxe wood bed tables are ideal for any situation while the slate bed pool tables are a better choice for the more serious players.
  • Type of Pool Table – There is a variety of pool tables for sale in Brisbane so before buying you should consider the function the table serves. Some tables can double up as both a pool and dining table.
  • Location of the Pool Table – You need to consider whether you require an outside or indoor pool table depending on where you live. Outdoor tables are weather proof. The waterproof table surface has a game speed faster than that of an indoor table.
  • Availability of spare parts – Used Brisbane pool tables for sale may be a great idea so if you choose to buy one, ascertain that you purchase all the accessories and spare parts that are necessary.
  • Transport Availability – It is vital also to think about how the table will get to your home or any other relevant venue. When looking for retailers who have some pool tables for sale Brisbane has available, you need to know whether they charge the delivery of the goods or not.
  • The Style of the Table – The tables available have diverse styles. Being familiar with the many options you can pick from makes it effortless to find Pool tables for sale Brisbane market has to offer. Some are elegant, others are old fashioned and there are also some that are sporty and modern. There are also various colors for the surface so you can choose to match the surface color to that of the room.

There are undoubtedly many pool tables obtainable, so it is important to note that the better the research you do, the easier it is to make a decision. Do not shy away from making inquiries on any aspect of the table so that you are well aware of what you are acquiring.

Tips on selecting the Best Marquee Hire in Sydney Today

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It’s another year with your birthday around the corner, and what better way to spend it than celebrating with your loved ones! You are planning on making your big day memorable; therefore you need to start getting underway with the plans. It is important to hire marquees for your birthday party to provide shade for your visitors as well as shelter them from the unpredictable weather. Interesting to note is that marquee hire also assists in making your event looking more remarkable as well as aids in creating a peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, you should consider finding the best Marquee Hire in Sydney today for your celebration. You should keep in mind that with marquees, you can never go wrong! The following great tips will see to it you get the best marquee hire for your special day:

Your Planned Budget

You should choose a marquee service that will suit your intended budget for the party.  It is important to have an idea regarding the costs that you are likely to be charged for the marquee hire service. Keep in mind that the costs depend on the type and size of the marquee. The charges are also dependent on the kind of decor you wish to have on the inside of your marquee. After planning your budget, you should now get into the search for a high-quality marquee hire firm. It is quite healthy to compare different marquees hire firm’s costs to choose the firm with the most fair charges.

The Venue for Your Event

You want to make your birthday party memorable and have it stuck in people’s minds! This is quite easy; all you need to do is look for a venue whose surroundings are simply breathtaking! This could be down by the beach where you can easily get a clear ocean view or simply in a public garden. As a result, you will require a large space to hold all your guests for the party. Thus, you will need to plan in advance the exact venue for your event. This will help the marquee hire firm be aware if any permits will be required from them and at the same time know the best marquee that will fit your location.

Additional Expenses

Just like any service provider business, you may realize at the end of service delivery that there are extra costs not disclosed to you at the beginning. Marquee hire service is no different; you should keep in mind that some marquee firms may have some undisclosed charges. This may occur on occasions such as when the marquee company visits to examine the venue where the marquees will be put up. They may discover that the ground where they will be putting up their marquees is not even and requires some final touches. Interesting to note is that they will refrain from notifying you and instead will add the charges to your final service fee. Therefore, you should be enlightened on the various costs that Marquee Hire in Sydney market has today to ensure that you are not overcharged.

With the above tips up in mind, you can rest assured of choosing the best Marquee Hire in Sydney today that will ensure your birthday celebration is a success!

How to Organize For Perfect School Camps in NSW

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School camps in North South Wales, Australia are quite popular. School managements across the region have realized the invaluable benefits offered by school camps. Children get a chance to experience the rich resources of the local community through camps. In addition, school camps are a wonderful way for teachers and students to relax and connect with each other. However, planning for school camps NSW style is an overwhelming task. There is a serious side of school camps and excursions that ought to be taken into account when planning. These include safety, welfare and health issues. If not handled carefully, these issues might plunge the school management into serious law suits. Planning ahead will help you to execute a successful school camp. This article will help you to plan for school camps NSW best.


Site selection

Before you select the site, you need to identify the objectives and rationale of the field trip. This will be a good starting point in the selection of the site. Keep in mind that the site you choose should help you to meet the objectives of the camp. Gather all the information about the site; direction, contact person, phone numbers and email addresses. It is important to conduct a pre-visit to familiarize yourself with the site. When you visit the area, identify and evaluate hazards. Are the campsite facilities in good condition, hygienic and clean? If you have disabled participants, are the facilities favorable for them?

Logistics planning


Remember that you are not the only ones conducting school camps in NSW; there are hundreds of other schools organizing for similar events. So, once you have assessed the site and found it fit for your trip place your booking immediately.


To choose the most appropriate type of vehicle for the trip, consider the terrain, season, time of day, availability and number of students. Make sure that the driver has a valid license and enough experience.

Supplies and equipment

Ensure that there are adequate supplies of food and water. Safety equipment should also be available and relevant participants trained in its use.

Permission letter

A basic requirement for all NSW school camps is a parent consent letter. The information included in the letter includes date and location of the camp, its educational purpose, food arrangements, cost, provision for special needs and activity schedule. Make sure that all parents have signed the form.

Prepare student before the camp

School camps NSW best are achieved through prior preparation of students. As a teacher, discuss with the students about the purpose of the trip and how it is going to benefit them. Parents play a critical part in preparing kids for school camps. Do not assume that your child is excited about the trip; it mustn’t always be the case. Find out how they feel about the upcoming adventure. Are they excited about it? Or do they have fears and anxieties? Constantly communicate good messages about school trips to your child. This will create a positive attitude that will make them long for the day. If they will be spending several days in the camp, teach your child some independence skills such washing their plate and cup, making the bed and organizing their clothes among others. For more details please visit this site

Wedding Planning Tips from Newlyweds

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Your wedding is the most important day of your life so far. Hence, it is natural to become a little stressed out about planning for the event to make sure that every detail goes as planned. A wedding hire or coordinator can help you with ironing out details. But oftentimes, this does not keep brides and grooms-to-be from feeling stressed out as the big day nears.

However, you should not subject yourself to such high level of stress. You can take note of a few tips from newlyweds who have gone through the same scenario and realize that opting for a professional wedding hire is worth the investment.

Plan Ahead

If possible, start your wedding planning as early as possible. Some newlyweds have started preparing at least  12-16 months ahead. This will give you plenty of time to save up for the wedding and to make bookings ahead of time. You will be planning your wedding once; hence, make it a fun experience, not a stress-filled one!

Do Not Strive for Perfection

While it is good in some instances to strive for perfection, with wedding planning it will only cause you unwanted stress. Be in the moment. Soak it in. Enjoy the wedding planning process. Some of the best moments happen when you did not plan them at all. Learn to embrace the spontaneity involved with your wedding plans.

Know Your Priorities

This is when planning can prove beneficial. The more time you have available to prepare, the easier it is to sort your priorities. This is true when it comes to budgeting and preparations. Therefore, you can take care of the most difficult tasks ahead of time to leave out the smaller details when the wedding day gets closer.

One Step at a Time

Once you have figured out the tasks with the highest priority, work your way down the list one step at a time. Do not give yourself the burden of completing all of the tasks at once. You can even create a spreadsheet with a corresponding time frame for all of the things you need to accomplish. This is an effective trick to help you sort your priorities with ease and without stress.

Work as a Team

A qualified and professional wedding coordinator must be willing to work with you as a team. Some coordinators will insist doing it their own way because they have the experience. However, the best coordinators always take the time to listen to the couple. After all, this is their wedding day. Hence, it must be done as they had envisioned it to be. The coordinating team will be the one to execute their vision and turn it into a reality.

Lastly, you need to realize that you cannot please everyone. Just focus on what makes you happy and what makes the day extra special for you and your soon-to-be life partner.

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