Experience the Benefits of Getting a Firm Massage

Getting a massage is a relaxing and reinvigorating experience for the body. It stimulates the muscles and the nerves to improve circulation as well as provide relief for your tired muscles. There are also certain mental benefits associated with a massage, which is why it is not surprising why services for a firm massage Melbourne or any other top cities in the world offering this are highly coveted. It is the best form of relaxation especially after an exhausting day at work or school.


However, a firm massage is not the same as your idea of how a relaxing massage should be wherein there are candles and scented oils. The term “firm” should give you an idea of what to expect. The massage targets the deeper tissues in the body to release tension or knots in the veins, which can lead to chronic pain in the shoulder, neck, or lower back.

In addition to eliminating knots in the veins or tension in the muscles, a firm massage Melbourne masseuse can also get rid of scar tissues that are acquired from injuries. According to medical experts, scar tissues form whenever the stressed muscles block nutrients from reaching that part of the muscle. Massaging the area will release the toxins from the muscles and aid in the restoration by re-introducing oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Expert massage therapists also encourage proper hydration before and after a massage session to maximise the benefits that your body can get.

The strokes used in a firm body massage is somewhat similar to other types of massage techniques. However, massage treatment Oakleigh services will tend to add more pressure into every stroke in a firm massage session. The masseuse will also utilise other tools such as a wooden massage tool, their elbows, and forearms when performing the massage. To complement the stronger pressure on each stroke, the speed is slowed down to make sure that your tissues get to experience every stroke to its fullest.

How Safe is a Firm Body Massage?

It is absolutely safe. There are no risks associated with getting a firm massage treatment on top of the benefits that were listed above. The only possible negative effect that you can get after a massage session is potentially feeling sore in your muscles. This is the same feeling you get after an intense workout. However, you can expect the soreness to go away after a day, which is also the same time wherein you get to enjoy the full benefits of the massage therapy. If you are prone to bruising, it is recommended that you inform your therapist ahead of time so he or she can make adjustments to the intensity of the pressure for the massage.

It is clear that there are plenty of benefits associated with a firm body message. However, only a reliable firm massage Melbourne therapist can guarantee that you will be able to experience these benefits. Try out Koh Feel, which offers a wide range of massage services from well trained therapists to suit your needs. Aside from firm body massage, they also have aromatherapy, Thai foot reflexology, traditional Thai massage and remedial deep tissue massage. Visit their website at http://www.kohfeel.com.au/firm-massage-melbourne.html if you want to know more about their services. Koh Feel is located in Oakleigh, Victoria in Australia.

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