Finding the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is always a challenge for all women. This is going to be the most important shopping experience you could ever undertake. But when you are shopping for beach wedding dresses, the difficulty of the task is doubled. You must also consider the theme of a beach wedding and the physical conditions when it comes to finding a dress that would suit the occasion. You must consider style, but you cannot forego practicality out of the door either.

Beach Wedding Dresses

Choose Fabric Wisely

A beach wedding might seem romantic but you will soon realize that’s not the case when you hold your ceremony somewhere hot and humid. You want to choose a wedding date in the spring or summer to minimize the possibility of rain which is often the biggest concern with outdoor weddings like a beach wedding. Unfortunately, that also carries its own set of cons such as suffering from a high level of humidity.

When shopping for beach wedding dresses, you need to be extra smart about the type of fabric you choose. Ideally, you’ll want to wear a dress made from breathable fabric. This will keep you fresh and cool even when the weather is hot or being beat down by sunshine on your wedding day. A sweaty bride never looked good on photos!

Choose a Casual Style

Aside from the fabric, you might want to re-think about the style of your dress. Casual style wedding dresses are best for beach weddings due to the theme and the ambiance. It might seem out of place when you choose a dress with a full bodice and skirt. In fact, a lot of women who choose beach weddings go barefoot when they walk down the aisle.

Even when you are shopping for a casual dress to wear to your wedding, it does not mean that you should compromise style. Choose a dress with a flowy fit or slim silhouette. This will create a very feminine look that is also subtly sexy.

Strappy Style

The best styles available for beach wedding dresses are those with spaghetti straps. Indeed, this is the perfect style to match your beach look! It is also a practical choice due to the hot weather as the spaghetti straps provide the breathability you need. You can opt for a spaghetti strap dress with a low cut back for that sexy elegance.

Expect the Breeze

One of the biggest challenges you will have to deal with in a beach wedding is the weather element. It is highly unpredictable and often temperamental. Therefore, you need to take every worst case scenario into account as far as the weather is concerned. One example is the strong gust of sea breeze. Even when you are buying a dress that is made of breathable fabric, make sure it has enough weight to stay put. You would not want to be subjected to the embarrassment of having your wedding guests see your dress blow up! You should also be smart about using accessories (or might as well skip them altogether) so they won’t get snagged in your hair or dress as the wind blows them.

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