Some Myths About Pokies

Casinos have long fascinated people for generations. A lot of money is lost and a lot of money is won at the pokies every day. It is, therefore, no surprise that a lot of myths and urban legends have been spurned for years by both players and non-players about the true nature of the slots machines. There are lots of falsehoods that circulate around on pokies although some of the myths that abound also have an inkling of truth in them. Generally to be on safe ground, make sure you are playing at the reputable online pokies from Best Casino Source.

Amongst the myths is that there are people who honestly believe they have a solid strategy of beating the slots machines at the casinos. Anyone who honestly believes they have an iron-clad strategy of beating the pokies is simply deluded or trying just too hard to impress. Some of the information published on the internet on how you can beat the slots machines are either by someone who doesn’t know any better or a two-bit conman trying to make money off some suckers.

If you are planning to play a game of slots at any of the reputable online pokies from Best Casino source, take time to learn and avoid being suckered into myths. Stick to the reality lane and you will not lose a lot of money. When playing the slots machines, treat it as an entertainment rather than as a long term investment.

Be an educated player

Before you begin playing at any of the online pokies from Best Casino Source, spend time in learning about the slots machines and be an educated player. This way, you are not going to lose money, and possibly your life’s savings, aimlessly.

Here is the most important fact to keep in mind: the pokies results are totally random. Your chances of winning are as good as that of the most experienced player. There is absolutely nothing that you will be able to do influence the results of the pokies.

Here is a list of the common myths that you have probably heard about the pokies and why they are regarded as misinformation for players and aspiring slots machines players:

There are times of the day when it is more favorable to play:  This is untrue because the chances of winning have been pre-programmed into the slots machine and cannot be affected by time of day, day of the week or even special occasions or even mood of the player.

You are more likely to win when you pull the lever than when you push a slot: While pulling the lever slows the play, it does not influence your chance of winning. One thing that it could do is cut down on your hourly losses but overall, the net effect will be very negligible. The only reason you are not losing money enough when you pull the lever is because you are making fewer bets per hour than when you push the button.

It is impossible to improve your chances of winning: You can always improve your odds of winning by choosing certain slots games where there is better odds of winning. As an example, there is a better chance of winning the fixed jackpot than a progressive jackpot. Games that have higher denominations also have better odds. The plain vanilla games will pay more than games that have plenty of video bonuses.

Odds of winning are lower after a jackpot has been paid out: In the online pokies from Best Casino source and in all slots machines, the odds of winning the jackpot is the same before and after you have played the jackpot. It is simply a game of chance.

You have better chance of winning three reel slots than five slots: Whether you are playing three reel of five reel slots, you still have equal chances of winning in either of them. Neither has an advantage over the other.

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