Tonka Toys – The perfect present for a toddler

The Flagg township museum has decided to open something that is fun. On September 18th, they will officially be opening a brand-new display of Toys from Illinois at a reception which starts at 2 pm in the museum. The Museum board members and volunteers have put together the display in which they highlighted the toy industry which was once thriving and that had provided a huge lot of fun, happiness and entertainment among kids of all ages. Tonka toys, tinker toys, model kits, wagon, scooters are few of the toys that will be put up on display as these were once thriving in Illinois.


Tonka is no doubt a popular toy brand in America and the rest of the world, which produces interesting and life-like miniature toys of trucks and heavy vehicles. Tonka produced a variety of toys, including dolls, robots, steel monsters, etc., but the truck toys had the most positive reactions from public.  They create toys that are almost unbreakable and hence perfect for kids. Also they are so realistic, every child is bound to be intrigued by these toys they produce.

·        The tonka tiny blind box –  This box consists of 22 pieces of tonka toys such as extremely cute miniature trucks. The tiny trucks are small enough to be put inside the pocket. These 22 different toy pieces are actually miniature replicas of real-life trucks, and the fun part is that each of these little trucks has its own garage for stacking and storing.

·        Tough tonka bulldozers – this amazing bulldozer is actually the replica of a real one. The little truck is capable of moving dirt, sand and gravel with its little workable blade. This bulldozer is of fantastic quality and is guaranteed to last a life time. In case you do not find the toys in the store, you can buy tonka toys online too.

·        Another awesome collection of the tonka toys can be this supercool steel classic crane; the beauty of these toys is that they look so very realistic. This model comes with a cute little crane operator too and having this model if definitely going to make the other peers jealous. The features of this model include a working arm that can pivot, extend and fold and tyres that are deep-cleated. Like all the other models, this one too has a lifetime guarantee. Check out Mrtoys

·        Tonka truck toddler bed – if your little child would love to have his very own bulldozer, then this is the perfect gift. This truck toddler bed also has storage shelves, which are a huge win. However, the bedding and the mattress are not included in the package.

The online tonka toy collection is huge and while surfing, some might definitely find antique tonka toys that can be added to the collection. Other interesting models available online include the mini wobble police car with a built siren, a cute cement mixture, mini wobble wheels fire truck, tonka die cast with motorcycles, garbage truck, etc. There is a huge collection of many other different models.

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