Which Toys Go for the Right Age?

Wondering if you should buy your child Go Jetters toys Australia offers?

The answer would greatly depend on their age. It is important that you match your child’s stages of development and emerging abilities with the toys you buy. So, regardless of how cute you think Hatchimals Australia has are, consider your child’s age and choose a toy accordingly.

The Right Toys for the Right Age

  • Birth through 6 months

Infants like to look at people’s faces and things in bright colours. They also enjoy it when they can lift their heads, move their feet, reach out with their hands, and put things in their mouth. Take all these into consideration and buy a toy that matches the criteria. Rattles, squeeze toys, textured balls, and pictures of faces are good options.

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  • 7 to 12 months

At this stage, babies will be able to roll over, sit crawl, and even stand up. They’re also capable of finding hidden objects, identifying body parts, and taking out stuff from containers and replacing them. The best toys for them would be anything they can play pretend with, build with, use their large muscles with, and then drop and take out. Some of your options include nesting toys, baby dolls, vehicles with wheels, push and pull toys, and wooden cubes.

  • 1 year old

At this stage, your child would like to experiment and listen to stories. This makes board books, nursery rhymes, and puzzles great options for toys. Anything they can create with, build with, and play pretend with also win their hearts. Just make sure you give them non-toxic toys with no small parts. Click here Mr Toys Toyworld

  • Toddlers

Two-year-olds are fond of doing things with small objects as it allows them to have good control of their hands and fingers. They are also at the stage where they love to climb, jump, roll, and engage in rough-and-tumble play. Giving them wood puzzles and objects to sort will cater to their desire to solve problems. They would also appreciate blocks, construction sets, and transportation toys, such as the Go Jetters toys Australia offers. But because such plaything has small parts, you should wait longer before you buy them Go Jetters Jetpad Playset.

  • Pre-schoolers

At Age 3 to 6 years old, children will have longer attention spans, which accounts for non-stop questions of anything and everything that catches their interest. Their desire to experiment will focus more on their still-emerging physical skills, but they would want to play with friends.

This may be the best time to collect as many Hatchimals Australia offers and then play with other children, but Hatchimals are small and there should be adult supervision to minimise the risk of choking hazards. Pre-schoolers are welcome to Go Jetters toys Australia has, however. As a transportation toy with other features on the side, it definitely falls under things that children’s ages 3 to 6 can play pretend and build with.

Aside from Go Jetters toys Australia offers, children at this age will also appreciate picture books, interactive computer programs, and musical CD and DVD players.

Armed with this knowledge, you be well-informed when shopping at Mr Toys Toyworld. See more at https://www.mrtoys.com.au/1600_go-jetters

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